Saturday, March 6, 2010

If you're asking me for help-

It's hard for me to save you when I can't even save me from myself.
I'm still pretending to know the answers to the questions that people ask.
Well, I'm only deceiving the flowers in the breeze.
I'm nobody's true north,
nobody's reason to change,
nobody's season to change.
I'm only the blind man's blackness,
the deaf man's silence,
the sick man's cancer.
And one day when I don't roll anymore
I'll reach that place no one knows how to find on their own
and I'll know how I gave forever to the ones I touched and kept.


  1. Loved it sreejata!!Btw..u have always been my problem solver!

  2. bingo sis. nice just take my advice nd write a book. guarenteed BEST SELLER. i promise to promote it!

  3. @neel

    Thanks for the read...Question:I have?


    Think of a title for the book,will you?(though I may never write it!)