Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lessons I've learnt in life(for a few laughs)

1. Saying "My life is an endless purgatory interrupted by profound phases of misery" doesn't make you popular.
2. The most absurd lyrics ever written by Guns 'n' Roses has got to be "Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty".My guess is that they were writing about an environment-friendly whore-house.I may be (and probably am!) completely wrong.However,writing songs that no one understands might make you popular.
3. Asking your parents for a snake-skin skirt on your 16th birthday will only elicit unfavourable responses.In my case,it was a stern-sounding "That's illegal!"
4. Reading a book entitled 'Psychiatry and Homeopathy' on the ledge of the english department at JU will certainly get you attention but it will leave most of those who pass you by incomplete shock.Seeing their animated features will get tiring after a while.
5. "The gestation period of an elephant is 22 months"-You can go the rest of your life without knowing that...But if you do know it,you might win a few quizzes along the way.
6. Good debaters can be hypocrites.
7. Jane Austen probably didn't intend to put us to sleep with her novels.That she did manage to do so must have been an occupational hazard that she was unaware of.
8. Teaching five or six-year-olds is as exciting and as painful as dental surgery.


  1. My God Sreejata!! This is completely unlike you but its really witty in places! Good debaters can be hypocrites...agreed!... btw... pls tell me something... AHM wall is showing my posts!! how come?? They dont even follow me!

  2. AHM mentions all the ppl of our class whose blogs deeptesh is aware of..

  3. 3. I'd say that response is the least of what most parents would say on such occasions :D

    5. Well then, here's a fact for you- pigs are the animals with the longest orgasm.

    6. Yes.

  4. @anushka

    did u ever ask ur parents 4 a snake-skin skirt??wat did they say??n thanks 4 the info about pigs!

  5. 4. Did u evr try that?Just for studying reactions?

    7.Evryone wl agree with u on that.Rmbr what u told me on gchat whn I ws struggling wth Emma?

    @ Dipabali n Sreejata

    Correction:AHM mentions all the the ppl of our class whose blogs AHM is aware of, not me.The moderators add new blogs as well.We r vry sorry if we have missed out on any blog.pls let us know so that we can add that.I'm stl searching for Upasana's blog link...cnt find it.HELP!Any othr bloggies u knw of?

    We don't follow any blogs as it is more of a public writing,pls contribute.

  6. @amrita

    Thanks baby!


    4.u bet i tried it!Not 2 study reactions as such but coz i'm generally interested in it!
    7.don't remember but i can guess!

  7. Srijan Poetry Festival in Late January.If u want 2 read out urworks in front of noted poets like Joy Goswami, Srijato,et al...pls mail 3 of ur poems at wl let u know if u r selected.Mail b4 mid-December

  8. @deeptesh

    Thanks 4 the info buddy!


    Is that you,madhubanti??

  9. Elicit, not illicit.

    Gestation, not jestation.

    I don't normally do this, but these are hardly typographical errors even.

    As for the good-debaters-are-hypocrites bit, google "Counter Dilemma Rebuttal". You'll love it.

  10. @surreptitious shogun

    Thanks for correcting me...appreciate it!And I'll definitely check out the counter arguments!