Monday, November 16, 2009

Thoughts On A Rainy Evening

I'm surrounded by crazy cloud shapes and false promises.Amidst it all,I strive to find peace of mind.I hope it'll stop raining soon but I know somewhere deep down that it won't.I try not to see my possible futures-they all seem dull.I see myself sitting in a kitchen facing a living room with a glass wall,taking off my apron after putting dinner on the table,undoing my hair and waiting for the phone to ring...I see myself working away in an office built by people whose hopes have turned into fears and whose dreams have turned into plans(just like the song that makes more sense than it's supposed to),working away with a fifteeen minute break for coffee and contemplation...I see myself at an after hours party full of people whose lives are so empty that not even smoking up on the roof alone seems to fill up the torn spaces...
DISTANT DREAMER-That's probably what they call me now.Yet I can't decide what to think of and I always end up thinking of things I dread.I think of the day when all the friends I thought worth keeping will be gone,when I'll say "Good luck to you all and goodnight" and fade into the background,when the rain will go unseen and unheard.


  1. Dont think abt the future so much, even I get scared when I try to do tht. What matters is tht u enjoy ur life today.Live moment by moment, life becomes easier to handle tht way...

  2. @dipa

    Thanks for the pep-talk...What would I do without you??

  3. don't say goodbye ..DUSK is far !!

  4. can u stop being a pessimist 4 a change?