Monday, January 4, 2010

Of 'The Catcher In The Rye'(ignoring the digressions,of course)

I just finished reading ‘The Catcher In The Rye’ by J.D.Salinger. I don’t see how it could have made anyone want to kill anyone else. Supposedly Lennon was assassinated by someone who read it and wanted to preserve Lennon’s innocence. I can’t, for the life of me, remember the name of the movie I saw that in. All I know is Philip Seymour Hoffman played the killer. He was fantastic in ‘Capote’ too. I really wanna call old Phil up and have a conversation with him. Somehow I’ve been trying hard to understand the inside workings of psychopaths’ minds since last February. I guess it’s just my way of trying to figure out what I have in common with them. They’re special. I wish I was too. I wanna read the lyrics of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead. It all makes sense now.

I can’t really identify with Holden Caulfield too much. I mean, I get the fact that he finds almost everything boring. But other than that, there’s not too much in common between us. I wouldn’t want to have a conversation with him. He wouldn’t wanna have one with me either, I’ll bet. Hell, he doesn’t even exist! But it’s nice to be naïve once in a while and think about non-existent stuff. Non-existent people too. Sugata Da, I miss you. Did you know that? I bet you think I’m lying. I wish I could have caught you when you jumped off the edge. I wish I could’ve been the catcher in the rye. I wish I’d known how to save a life. Those Monday night conversations keep coming back to me. And your five-word suicide note. It was so you. It’s been 13 months. I’m still angry. There may be just one good thing that came about because of your not taking me along-I got to read ‘The Catcher In The Rye’. It made me realize stuff. I don’t wanna say what. It’ll depress you. Anyway, it’s been nice talking to you after so long… One last question: Were you the one who made my head spin in bed last night?


  1. as usual.. a very interesting read... You don't have to end your life dear, no matter how much life sucks its still beautiful! And yes... I love the lyrics of 'creep' too...

  2. @dipa

    Thanks for the read...I'm not gonna kill myself...And I'm glad u like them too!

  3. awsome....sensitive enuf..i remember the incident...every bit i heard.

    life takes away sum of d the closest thngs of our

  4. @neel

    Thanks for the read...The question u asked can't really be answered very easily so let's not go there...

  5. You can be special without being a psychopath :)

  6. @anushka

    I know...but it would be infinitely cooler if I was a psychopath,right?