Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Neighbours

Today a new family moved in next door.So here's a list of what's out and what's in at my place now because of my new neighbours:


1.Showering with the bathroom window open.
2.Listening to Limp Bizkit's expletive-laden song "Hotdog Flavoured Water" at noon.
3.Saying "No one lives next door" as an excuse to my friends' allegations of me not taking enough of an interest in getting to know my neighbours.
4.Making loud orgasmic noises while having sinfully delicious chocolate mousse for dessert.


1.The pitter-patter of little feet next door and also a hell lot of juvenile gibberish,I suspect(not to mention the overwhelming fear of being woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of the baby crying its lungs out).
2.The irritating prospect of my nymphomaniacal friends asking me to rate the hotness of the alpha male figure next door on a scale of 1 to 10,1 being 'sad middle-aged sleazeball looking to get with a sixteen year old' and 10 being 'hot enough to be way out of the average girl-next-door's league'.
3.The even-more-irritating prospect of the alpha male's wife coming in every second day to borrow sugar or detergent or whatever else it is that women seem to run out of at crucial moments.
4.Waking up to the sound of noses being blown(instead of birds singing)on chilly winter mornings.

After writing out this comprehensive list,only one question plagues me-Am I becoming a logical negativist??


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  2. a bit... yes. It dosent have to be all tht bad, I have neighbors on all sides and they really dont do things like tht... and yes, even I dont what my neighbors are called, even though I've lived with them beside me for 19 years! So take no chaap....

  3. lol...happy new year..this one was beautifool

  4. PS:Pls dnt 4get poor AHM!!Do write in sumthng

  5. @deeptesh

    Thanks 4 the read n elephants never forget!