Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Call From Anonymous

He came into my life like the winds of september
I swayed back and forth like a branch in stormy weather
Should never have let him in through the door
But I ended up crying for him on the kitchen floor
Things were moving too fast but I was immobilized
I gave out,I gave in and then I realized
that there was life inside of me
and time seemed to crawl on endlessly
It was barely a month but it seemed forever
Then he said,"We can't be together.."
It thought it was safe in me
But my torment wouldn't let it be
It never put its fingers in mine
I never sang it a lullaby to stop it from crying
It never smelt the wet earth after rain
Never moved when i was sober and sane
It never slept in the light
'Coz I decided I couldn't be a mother last night...


  1. STORMS come and test you and go !! ..upside-downs are natural phenomenon's ..!!
    well done 'Sree' keep posting ...!!

  2. Amazing!! Woman... u rock!! but pls tell me this isnt a personal experience?!?!?

  3. God. Don't re-read this because it'll depress you. And I always feel that abortion is the least cruel things one can do to a kid, out of all the tortures a kid could be put through.

  4. Love the lyrical spontaneity!Beautiful is the word1The very first imagery is reminiscent of Eolian a good way!

    n wth ref 2 ur prev post,I'll take d trouble of explaining wht my comment on ur poem on AHm means.If u paraphrase my literary shit in that comment, it simply means u r an awesome poet!Keep writing...:-)

  5. @dipa

    no it isn't from personal experience


    I'm glad it disturbs you!!


    Thanks for the compliment and the explanation!

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  7. WHOA. Nice.....Very nice!
    And please temme this aint first person?