Thursday, December 10, 2009

Untitleable Musings

Today is a weird day.A friend kept talking about how,at this time of the year,you can't find melons anywhere and I kept thinking of how delicious a slice of lemon pie would be right then!Rhetorical question:Can you develop dyslexia at the age of eighteen from reading too many boring,crappy theories about mass communication?Plus I'm going through this Lenny Kravitz gaga phase but "Are you gonna go my way?" doesn't seeem to garner any affirmatives from anybody...Doesn't anyone else see what I see in this frizzy-haired,woolili-loving freak?The randomness of my thought process is scaring me now as I engage in a discourse with myself on whether joining Atheist Nexus recently seems like a skeptic's misguided attempt to convince herself that she isn't envious of the believers.Another random thought-How is Sylvia Plath's poem 'Daddy' about Electra Complex?


  1. I dont really have a comment to make.. but then again aami tomar post-e comment korbo na ta ki hoe? tai eta likhlam... =D

  2. @dipa

    I knew you would write that!

    @bare-eyed sun

    There's nothing more beautiful than a single word comment...