Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Escaping The Institution

I want to walk away,
Away to a place where all the colours are kept...
To a place where everything is red,
where I have the courage to press down on the blade
to remind myself that I'm alive and people care...
To a place where everything is blue
and everything that I do reminds me of you
and your significant other...
To a place where everything is green,
where people still envy me...
To a place where everything is grey,
where sanity is virtual
and there's no need to fit in.


  1. 發表,是一種抒發:好的心情可以一再的回味發酵;壞的心情就讓它留在文字裡吧!加油!..................................................

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  3. I really like this. Mostly because I can relate to it. Good work! Keep it up!

  4. @shelbylmoorhead

    I can't decipher what u wrote but thanks 4 reading it!Could u plz translate it 2 english??


    I knew that u 4 one would be able 2 relate to it.

  5. Hello. with reference to an earlier post-

    Some critics have observed that the images of Ted Hughes and her father get tangled up somewhere in the poem, so the fact that she can substitute her father figure with her husband is proof of an Electra Complex. Just the intense craving for fatherly love wouldn't be good enough reason, right?
    And I guess they're also drawing from knowledge of her life and other poems where they've found strong hints of the complex.

  6. Like the way this moves....lovely use of colours...interesting use I must say...2 bring out human emotions.n escapism is always my favourite topic probably because I'm a 24x7 escapist at heart.

  7. @deeptesh

    Glad u see my poem 4 what it is!


    There are strong hints of the complex throughout her life,i agree...In fact,if u've seen the movie 'Sylvia' u will know 4 sure that she definitely suffered from it...but this poem just isn't convincing enough 4 me(but that's just my personal opinion!)